Micco Aircraft

The Micco SP series are steeped with heritage deriving their basic design from several models produced by the Meyers Aircraft Company.  The first of many Myers aircraft models was the OTW biplane (pictured left), the OTW was used in the Civil Pilot Training Program during the late thirties and early forties.  The legendary 145 model followed shortly thereafter

It all began on the drawing board of AI Meyers' in 1948 as the MAC 145. Only 20 aircraft were built and, 47 years later, 17 are still around and 14 are still flying. The remarkable 145 still has the distinction of never having an Airworthiness Directive issued on the airframe and current Myers and Micco owners will eagerly give testament to its ease of handling, in-flight stability, and nimble performance.

The original two-place Meyers’ 145 design and Type Certificate were acquired by the Micco Aircraft Company in 1994.  The new company committed a large investment into enhancing and redesigning the Myers 145.  The extensive development, engineering and flight test of the MAC 145 resulted in an amended Type Certificate (MAC 145-A), which was awarded by the FAA in early 2000. 

The high performance MAC 145-A or SP 20 is a 200-hp, all metal, complex two-place aircraft and remains the only fully retractable, conventional gear, stick control airplane in production today. 

 In pursuit of even more performance, a fully Aerobatic, 260 hp six-cylinder model was developed as the MAC 145-B or SP26, and launched into production in March of 2002.

The SP26 is certified in both the Acrobatic and Utility categories.  In fact, the SP26 is capable of over 12 Aerobatic manoeuvres and design tested to aerobatic loads of +6 G’s and -3 G’s at 2,650 lbs gross weight.

 The company is no longer in operation.