Rearwin Airplanes

Charles Lindbergh's transatlantic flight in 1927 increased interest in aviation and the Air Commerce Act of 1926 established a government certification program of pilots and aircraft giving the industry safety and legitimacy.  Rearwin Airplanes was founded by Raymond Andrew "Rae" Rearwin in 1928.   

Employing his two sons, Royce and Ken, the small company designed and built over 400 airplanes.


1928: R A Rearwin founds Rearwin Airplanes Inc.

1937: Rearwin Airplanes acquires LeBlond Aircraft Co and renames the engine manufacturer Ken-Royce Motors.

1939: The company re-names itself Rearwin Aircraft and Engines Inc.

1942: Rearwin is sold to the Empire Ordnance Company and the name of the  company is changed to Commonwealth Aircraft.