The Lake Amphibian Aircraft line evolved from the Grumman line of great amphibians, the Widgeon, Goose and Albatross. In 1948, the Colonial Skimmer was designed and flown by the Colonial Aircraft Company.  (see below) 

For more than ten years, the Colonial C1 Skimmer and C2 Skimmer IV were built before Lake Aircraft Corporation purchased the manufacturing and design rights in October 1959.  The C2 Skimmer IV led Lake Aircraft Corporation to introduce the LA-4 in 1960 and the LA- /200 (The Lake Buccaneer) in 1970.  In 1984, Lake Aircraft introduced the LA 250 (The Lake Renegade) and the Turbo Renegade followed in 1987.

In 1994, Lake Aircraft introduced the Seafury and Seawolf, an entirely new amphibian with improved rough water capability and added  additional  corrosion protection for salt water  operations. It has been a family run business for over thirty years. At the time of writing, the company is up for sale.