Armstong Siddeley Viper
Bristol Siddeley Viper
Rolls Royce Viper

Initially designed by Armstrong Siddeley as a 'short-life' engine for the Jindivik target drone, the Viper has been in production for 50 years...first with Armstrong Siddeley, then with Bristol Siddeley and finally Rolls Royce.
More than 5,500 Viper engines have been built with 13 million hours of service. The Viper first entered service in 195


  • Mk 202: 2,500 lb (11.1 kN)


  • Turbojet
  • Compressor: 7-stage
  • Mass flow: 32 lbs/sec
  • Pressure ratio: 4

used by

  • Hunting Percival P.84 Jet Provost