Formed in 1987, CFE is an equally owned subsidiary of Honeywell and General Electric who split all design, development, production, testing, marketing and support activities. The purpose of CFE is to manage a turbofan aimed at future long-range business jets.


The CFE738 was a joint project between General Electric and Garrett (now part of Honeywell). This turbofan was designed to power long-range business aircraft. First deliveries began in 1991.


  • CFE738-11B: 5,725 lb (25.6 kN)


  • Turbofan (two shaft)
  • Fan: single-stage
  • Compressor: 6-stage (5 axial and 1 centrifugal)
  • Turbine: 3-stage HP, 2-stage LP
  • Bypass ratio: 5.3
  • Pressure ratio: 23

used by

  • Dassault Falcon 2000