Garrett ATF3

The ATF3 is a moderate-bypass-ratio, high-pressure-ratio 3-spool turbofan. The first few production engines were used to power the Teledyne-Ryan YQM-98 Compass Cope RPV in 1971. Its military designation was the F104.
In 1975, the ATF3 was redesigned to improve maintainability. This engine was selected by Dassault to power military versions of the Falcon 20 and commercial Falcon 200.


  • ATF3-6A-4C: 5,200 lb (23.1 kN) thrust


  • Turbofan (3-spool)
  • Bypass ratio: 3.9
  • Fan: single-stage
  • Compressor: seven stages (6 axial and one centrifugal)
  • Turbine: 6-stage axial
  • Mass flow: 162 lbs/sec
  • Pressure ratio: 21

used by

  • Dassault Falcon 200