General Electric F101

The F101 was designed for the B-1 strategic bomber and first flew on the prototype in 1974. When the B-1B was approved, GE developed the F101-102...GE's first augmented turbofan. By the time production ended in 1987, 469 F101-102s had been produced.
Using the same core design, the F110 and F118 engines were created by adding different fan and afterburner packages. Another derivative of the F101 is the CFM56.


  • F101-GE-102: 30,000 lb (133.4 kN) thrust


  • Augmented Turbofan Fan: 2-stage
  • Compressor: 9-stage
  • Turbine: 2-stage low pressure and 1-stage high pressure
  • Mass flow: 350 lbs/sec
  • Pressure ratio: 26.8

used by

  • Rockwell B-1 Lancer