The Instytut Lotnictwa (Institute of Aviation) was founded in 1926 to test and approve aviation equipment and supervise the aviation industry in Poland. Later the scope of its work was expanded to include research and development activity.

IL SO-1/SO-3

Developed by Instytut Locnictwa, the SO-1 was Poland's first turbine engine. This engine began to be installed in the TS-11 as early as 1966.
In 1972, the improved SO-3 was introduced.


  • SO-1: 2,200 lb (9.8 kN)
  • SO-3W: 2,425 lb (10.8 kN)


  • Turbojet
  • Compressor: 7-stage axial
  • Turbine: single-stage axial
  • Pressure Ratio: 4.8

used by

  • PZL Mielec TS-11 Iskra