Jabiru have announced that their new 8 cylinder engine has now been released for production.


The engine has undergone 2 years of flight testing and development and will be released as a 5100cc 180hp model.


The new 5100cc engine is developing 180hp @ 3000RPM and 170hp @ 2700RPM as measured on Jabiruís calibrated dynamometer.


The new 5100 engine has been installed in the test Spitfire aircraft in Australia and is being flown with excellent results. Jabiru have purchased a Vans RV6 and the 5100 will be installed in that aircraft for extended flight testing. This will also result in a full installation kit being available for the VANS RV6, RV7 and RV9 aircraft.

The RV6 has now been flown with around 130 hours flight time (30.07.03).