Rolls-Royce Tay

After almost 20 years of studying Spey derivatives, Rolls-Royce decided to develop a high bypass turbofan. Certified in 1986, the Tay produces from 13,850 lb to 15,400 lb thrust and sold well.
Although the Tay had potential for development, it was cancelled when the development of the mid-range thrust class of engines was delegated to BMW Rolls-Royce.


  • Tay 650-15: 15,100 lb (67.2 kN)


  • Turbfan
  • Bypass ratio: 3-to-1
  • Compressor: 3-stage LP, 12-stage HP
  • Turbine: 3-stage LP, 2-stage HP

used by

  • Fokker F-100