Shvetsov M-82/ASh-82

The Shvetsov M-82 was the most important Soviet radial engine of World War II. Using the M-62 cylinder with a shortened stroke, Shvetsov developed a 14-cylinder, two row radial engine. This engine was qualified at 1,250 hp in 1940.
In 1941, the Soviet Union changed its aircraft and engine designations to a constructor system. The M-82 was redesignated the ASh-82. Over 70,000 were produced including all variants.


  • ASh-82FNV: 1,850 hp (1380 kW)


  • 14 cylinder, two-row, air-cooled, radial engine
  • displacement: 2,514 cubic inches (41.2 litres)
  • bore x stroke: 155.5 x 155 mm

used by

  • Tupolev Tu-2