Turbo-Union was formed by Rolls-Royce, Fiat and MTU to manage the RB.199 engine program for the Panavia Tornado.

Turbo-Union RB.199

The Turbo Union RB.199 is an afterburning (augmented) turbofan. Light and compact, the RB.199 provides a high thrust-to-weight ratio with good fuel economy.


  • RB.199-34R Mk 101: 16,000 lb (71.2 kN) afterburning thrust


  • Turbofan
  • 3-shaft
  • fan: 3-stage
  • compressors: 3-stage IP and 6-stage HP
  • turbines: 1 stage HP and IP; 2-stage LP turbine
  • mass flow: 155 lbs/sec
  • pressure ratio: 23

used by

  • Panavia Tornado