Westinghouse J30
Westinghouse J34

Westinghouse Electric was one of the world's largest steam turbine manufacturers when they were asked to participate (along with General Electric and Allis Chalmers) in the development of a U.S. turbojet. The first Westinghouse engine was the 19A axial turbojet which first flew in 1944.
In 1945 Westinghouse established the Aviation Gas Turbine Division (AGT). The J34 was its most successful engine followed by engine that undid the division...the J40. Development problems forced every aircraft it was designed for to switch to other engines.

In 1953, Westinghouse agreed to collaborate with Rolls-Royce. The AGT Division's derivatives of the Rolls-Royce Avon did not sell and Westinghouse was out of the aircraft engine business.