the Beagle 206

The Beagle 206 was one of a number of designs by George Miles. The Beagle company (short for British Executive and General Aviation Ltd.) was an amalgamation of Auster and F.G .Miles of Shoreham. the prototype was ready in 1961. New developments took place, the 260S being fitted with two Rolls Royce GTS10-520C engine of 340hp. Costs were soaring but luckily, government funding became available to continue manufacture. The end came in 1969 when the company went into receivership, having sold 79 Beagle 206 aircraft. A military version, the Basset was also produced.


  series 1 series 2
span 45ft 9ins 45ft 9ins
length 33ft 8ins 33ft 8ins
height 12ft 3ins 12ft 3ins
all up weight 7,500 lbs 7,500 lbs
cruise speed 210 mph 218 mph
range at max. load 990 miles 1,020 miles