the Bulldog


Bulldog Series 120

A military development of the Pup built by Scottish Aviation at Prestwick Airport. Most were made as two-seaters, although a third 'observer's' seat was an option. Powered by a 200hp Lycoming IO-360-A 1 B6 driving a 6ft 2in diameter Hartzel constant speed two blade prop (HC-C2YK-4F/FC7666A-2). Fuel capacity 32 imperial gallons. Weapons packages included two 28-pound bombs and fourteen unguided 68mm rockets or four 7.62mm machine guns. Guided and heavier missile packs were also available.

These specifications are taken from Con Ser No BH.120/393 supplied to the Hong Kong Royal Auxiliary Air Force, now G-BPCL and the first civilian registered Bulldog G-AXIG.

Dimensions, External
Wing span 33ft 2in (10.11m)
Length overall 23ft 3in (7.08m)
Height overall 8ft 11.5in (2.73m)
Wheel track 6ft 8in (2.03m)
Wheelbase 4ft 7in (1.40m)
Dimensions, Internal
Max width 3ft 9in (1.14m)
Wings, gross 129.45ft (12m)
Weights and Loadings
Weight empty, equipped 1,430lb (649kg)
Max T-O weight 2,350lb (1,066kg)
Max wing loading 18.20lb/ft (kg/m)
Max power loading 11.80lb/hp (kg/hp)
Performance (at max T-O weight)
Max level speed at S/L 130 kts (176 km/h)
Max diving speed 185 kts (250 km/h)
Cruising speed (75% power) 125 kts (169 km/h)
Econ cruising speed (60% power) 118 kts (159 km/h)
Stalling speed, flaps up 53 kts (72 km/h)
Stalling speed, flaps down 50 kts (68 km/h)