Cessna Grand Caravan history performance and specifications


Certified Ceiling ft/m 25,000/7,620

Cruise Speed (10,000 ft)
knts/km 184/341

Range (10,000 ft) nm/km
Includes takeoff, climb, cruise, descent, and 45 min. reserve at max. cruise power 907/1,679

S.L. Rate of Climb fpm/mpm 975/297

Stall Speed (Ldg) knts/km 61/113

Takeoff S.L. ISA
GroundRoll ft/m 1,365/416
50-ft Obs. ft/m 2,420/738

Landing S.L.
Ground Roll ft/m 950/290
50-ft. Obs. ft/m 1,795/547

Maximum Useful Load lbs/kg 4,500/2,041

Maximum Weights lbs/kg
Ramp 8,785/3,985

Power Loading lbs/hp 13.0

Standard Empty Weight lbs/kg 4,285/1,944

Wing Loading lbs/sq ft 31.3