Diamond Katana DA20-A1
performance and specifications

Powerplant: Bombardier Rotax 912F3, 81 hp, four-cylinder, horizontally opposed

 Recommended TBO  1,200 hr
 Length  23 ft 6 in
 Height  6 ft 11 in
 Wing span  35 ft 7 in
 Wing area  125 sq ft
 Wing loading  12.9lb/sq ft
 Power loading  19.7lb/hp
 Seats  2
 Empty Weight, typical  1,095 lb
 Maximum gross weight  1,609 lb
 Fuel capacity, std  20.1 gal (19.5 gal useable)
 Oil capacity  3.2 qt
 Take off distance, ground roll  1,120 ft
 Takeoff distance over 50-ft obstacle  1,560 ft
 Max demonstrated crosswind component  15 kt
 Rate of climb, sea level  680 fpm
 Cruise/fuel consumption 7,500 feet @ 75% power  117 kt/4.3 gph
 Service ceiling  14,000 ft
 Landing distance, over 50 ft. obstacle  1,490 ft
 Landing distance, ground roll  748 ft
 Limiting and Recommended Airspeeds
 Vx (best angle of climb)  57 kias
 Vy (best rate of climb)  65 kias
 Va (design maneuvering)  104 kias
 Vfe (max flap extended)  81 kias
 Vno (max structural cruising)  118 kias
 Vne (never exceed)  161 kias
 Vs (stall, clean)  41 kias
 Vs0 (stall, in landing configuration)  37 kias