Diamond DA20-C1 Evolution/Eclipse performance and specifications

Powerplant: Teledyne Continental IO240B3B, four-cylinder, horizontally opposed, fuel injected 125 hp



 23 ft 6 in


 7 ft 2 in


 35 ft 8 in

 Wing Area

 125 sq ft



 Empty weight, typical  1,166 lb
 Maximum gross weight  1,720 lb
 Useable fuel  24 US gal
 Takeoff distance, ground roll  1,106 ft
 Takeoff distance over 50-ft obstacle  1,470 ft
 Max demonstrated crosswind component  20 kt
 Rate of climb, sea level  1,000 fpm
 Cruise speed @ 75% power  135 ktas
 Landing distance over 50-ft obstacle  1,280 ft
 Landing distance, ground roll  581 ft
 Limiting and Recommended Airspeeds  
 Vx (best angle of climb)  60 kias
 Vy (best rate of climb)  75 kias
 Vso (stall, in landing configuration)  44 kcas
  Vne (never exceed)  164 kias