Falconar Jodels performance and specifications

In Canada, there is a company named Falconar that is selling plans and kits for what they call Jodels. They have an F9 model, based on the D9, an F11 model, based on the D11, and an F12 model, which is an even more modified 3 seat version of the F11.

Most important modifications are:

  • A changed wing design. By moving the crank inboard, Chris Falconar could make the outer parts to fold inward and make it trailerable. This folding mechanism was a (rather heavy) option. Furthermore, Falconar changed the spar and wing rib design. The original Jodel spar is not the simplest to construct due to the washout in the wing profile. The Falconar spar is more straightforward and uses different ribs to create the washout. Unfortunately, this wing seems to be less efficient than the original item.

  • Much more power. The original D11 had anywhere from 45 to 90 hp. Mostly A-65's and C-90's. The F-11 uses up to the O-290, which has around 125 hp and is MUCH heavier, uses more fuel etc. Effectively, the flight characteristics of the plane will be severely altered by this engine. The F-12 even uses an O-320 engine.

  • There are options for different tail configurations.

  • The possibility to build a 3rd seat. Impossible on the underpowered Jodel.

All in all, the Falconar "Jodel" should not be looked upon as a Jodel, but as a Falconar. This is either good or bad. Just a fact to take into account.