Robin R2160 Alpha Sport aircraft performance and specifications

A low wing fully-aerobatic two seat trainer, the R.2160 features dual 'stick-controls' and bubble canopy making it ideal for learning aerobatics.

It is rated to +6g and -3g which is more than adequate for all but the highest level of competition aerobatics.

Aircraft Type: Two seat aerobatic light aircraft
Country of Origin: France
Engines: 1 x120kw (160hp) Lycoming O-320-D engine driving a two blade fixed pitch propeller
Dimensions: Wing Span: 8.33m (27ft 4in),
Length: 7.10m (23ft 4in),
Height: 2.13m (7ft 0in).
Wing Area: 13.0 sq metres (140.0 sq feet)
Weights: Empty: 550kg (1213lb). Max Takeoff: 800kg (1765lb)
Performance: Max Speed: 257km/hour (138kt),
Max Cruising Speed: 242km/hour (130kt),
Initial rate of Climb: 1025ft/min.
Service Ceiling: 15,000ft.
Range with maximum fuel: 795km (430nm)