Robin 200i President 2004 specs aircraft performance and specifications

At the top of the range, the Robin 200i is a 4-5-seat 'grand tourer' with an extra-large cabin, offering a combination of performance and comfort unequalled in its category. It is capable of flights of more than 1000 NM and attains a top cruising speed of 145 kt at 75%, depending on load and altitude. Power and reliability comes from the fuel injected 200 hp Textron-Lycoming engine, coupled to a Harzell constant speed prop: shorter take-off performance, even at full load and from high altitude airstrips. An electric flaps control system, with a three-position pre-select lever at the instrument panel, and an electric rudder trim are part of the standard.

      Robin 200i
Engine, Lycoming     IO 360, 200 hp
Hélice Propeller, Sensenich     fixed pitch
Gross weight     2335 lb
Useful load     1100 lb
Wing span     28 ft 7 in, at 75% power, best altitude     143 kt
Climbing speed, sea level, at MTOW     4,25 m/s (836 ft/min)
Max. range, at 65% power, best altitude     1000 NM
Take-off distance, over 50 ft obstacle     1520 ft
Landing distance, over 50 ft obstacle     1739 ft