Robin Alpha 160A 2004 specs aircraft performance and specifications

Equally at home as a hard-working basic trainer, a spectacular aerobatic performer, or as a fast, cross-country plane, the Alpha 160 A (type certification name: R 2160) is an attractive, all-metal 160 hp two-seater, built for security and strength to acrobatic category. The 160 Ai model is equipped with a fuel injected engine.

      Alpha 160A
Certification category     "A" Acrobatic
Engine, Lycoming     O-320, 160 hp
Hélice Propeller, Sensenich     fixed pitch
Gross weight     1984 lb
Useful load     564 lb
Wing span     28 ft 7 in
Fuel capacity, std     31.7 US Gal, at 75% power, best altitude     131 kt
Climbing speed, sea level, at MTOW     630 ft/min
Max. range, at 65% power, best altitude     430 Nm
Max. range, at 65% power with optional 160 l tank, best altitude     558 Nm
Take-off distance, over 50 ft obstacle     1883 ft
Landing distance, over 50 ft obstacle
    1444 ft