Stinson SR-10 Reliant performance and specifications

The Stinson Reliant (Stinson SR-10 Reliant "Gullwing") was a four-to-five seat commercial monoplane which was the brainchild of E.A. "Eddie" Stinson, and was designed for private operators and small charter companies. It was the the last model produced by his company before it was bought out in the late 1930s. It was regarded as a strikingly handsome airplane - with its distinctive gull wing - and was known for its ease in handling and its ability to carry four to five people in comfort. An excellent aircraft, the Reliant could recover from a stall and return to level flight "hands off". These features along with state of the art navigation and communication radios, made it popular with executive charter services as well as with the more sophisticated, wealthy buyer. The Reliant was also used in 1939 to test a unique airmail service for communities that did not have landing fields. Mail was loaded into a container which was then placed on top of a contraption resembling a goal post. As the pilot guided the airplane down, the flight officer held a grappling hook to snag the container. Mail destined for the community was then dropped from the plane onto the airfield.

The Stinson AT-19s Reliant ( Stinson Reliant SR) was built by the Americans for the British during WWII. This type represents the end of the famous Stinson Gullwing design that includes four different models dating back to 1936. The Stinson Reliant was also produced in improved models, SR-1 through SR-6 which, though still called Reliant, had a different wing design from the SR. Development culminated in the classic SR-9F "Gull Wing", many of which flew in Canada.

Stinson Reliant I (UC-81) 
"Stinson SR-10 Reliant "Gullwing" 
Primary Role:
Advanced Trainer/Communications
First Flight: 
Stinson Aircraft Corporation, United States 
One 290hp Lycoming R-680-13 engine
Wing Span: Length: Height: Wing Area: 
Wingspan 12.77m 
Wing Area 24 sq m 
Length 8.5m 
Height 2.59m
Empty Weight: Max.Weight:
Empty Weight  1276kg 
Maximum Take Off Weight  1816kg
Speed 226 k/ph
Service Ceiling 4270m