Stinson Station Wagon 108-3 performance and specifications


Introduced in 1947, The Stinson 108 Flying Station Wagon was ahead of its time. The slogans "My airplane works for a living" and "America's No. 1 Utility Plane" was easy to understand as the Flying Station Wagon seated four along with 100 pounds cargo, and cruised at 130mph.


Price: $20,000/$6,484 (new)
Engine make/model: Franklin 6A4-165-B3
Horsepower for takeoff: 165
TBO hours: N/A
Fuel type: 80/100LL
Propeller make/type: Sensenich, Fixed
Landing gear type: Conventional
Max ramp weight (lbs): 2400
Gross weight (lbs): 2400
Max landing weight (lbs): 2400
Empty weight (lbs): 1320
Usable Fuel (gal.): 50
Oil capacity (qts): 8
Wingspan: 34 ft.
Overall length: 24 ft. 6 in.
Height: 6 ft. 10 in.
Wing area (sq. ft.): 155
Wing loading (lbs/sq. ft.): 15.5
Power loading (lbs/hp): 14.5
Wheel track: 84 in.
Wheel size (in): 6 in.
Seating capacity: 4
Cabin doors: 2
Cabin width: 39 in.
Cabin height: 46 in.
Baggage capacity (lbs): 100