Aeronca 11 AC Chief

Aeronca 11AC Chief

Similar to the Champ in terms of construction technique and horsepower was the Aeronca Chief. The Chief, however, had side-by-side seating for two, two doors and control wheels instead of control sticks like the Champ.

The Chief also came in various models: The 11AC with the 65-hp Continental engine and the 11BC and 11CC with 85-hp Continentals.

Horsepower: 65.0000

Top Speed: 78 kts

Cruise Speed: 72 kts

Stall Speed (dirty): 33 kts

Over 50 ft obstacle: 583 ft


Rate Of Climb: 360 fpm

Ceiling: 11000 ft

Gross Weight: 1250 lbs

Empty Weight: 786 lbs

Fuel Capacity: 15.00 gal

Range: 180 nm


Over 50 ft obstacle: 880 ft