Aeronca 7 AC Champ

Aeronca 7AC Champ

The 7AC Champ was Aeronca's most popular aircraft. Certificated on October 18, 1945, the Champ was produced in greater numbers than any other Aeronca design. The original Champ sold for $2,295 in 1946 and 7,190 were produced before production ceased in 1951.

The first Champs had a Continental 65-hp engine and no electrical system. Hand propping the engine to get it started was standard procedure for these planes, like most other simple two-seat airplanes of that time. Aeronca added design improvements to the 7AC series, mostly engine horsepower increases and changes to enlarge the dorsal fin. With increased horsepower to 85, the Champ became the 7BCM and the 90-hp 7CCM. Aeronca also produced the 7DC and 7EC models with larger dorsal fins and 85-hp and 90-hp engines, respectively.

In all, more than 10,000 Champs of various model designations were produced. Today more than 1,800 of the original 7AC Champs are still flying, providing hours of cheap, fun flying for their owners.