Columbia 300 performance and specifications

In common with Lancair's kitplanes, the Colombia 300 features composite construction allowing a smooth, low drag external finish. Power is from a six cylinder 225kW (300hp) Continental IO-550. The 300 features a 379 litre (100US gal/83Imp gal) fuel capacity in two tanks, AlliedSignal IFR avionics and fixed undercarriage


power plant

Engine TCM IO-550-N, 310 hp
Propeller Hartzell 3 Blade
Time Between Overhauls (TBO) 2000 hrs.
Length 25.2 ft.
Height 9 ft.
Wingspan 36 ft.
Wing Area 141.2 sq. ft.
Wing Aspect Ratio 9.2
Wing Loading 24 lbs./sq. ft.
Power Loading 10.97 lbs./hp
Maximum Fuel (US Gallons) 106 Total/98 Usable (588 lbs.)
Oil Capacity 8 qts.
Wheel Track 88 in.
Wheel Base 80.2 in.

(Distance between nose gear and main gear lateral axis)


Takeoff Weight (Maximum) 3400 lbs.
Ramp Weight (Maximum) 3400 lbs.
Empty Weight (Approximate) 2250 lbs.
Useful Load (Approximate) 1150 lbs.
Landing Weight (Maximum) 3230 lbs.
Baggage Weight (Maximum) 120 lbs.

speed data

VY Best Rate of Climb (Sea Level) 106 KIAS
VX Best Angle of Climb (Sea Level) 80 KIAS
VO Maximum Operating Manoeuvring Speed (3400 lbs. gw) 148 KIAS
VFE Maximum Flap Extended Speed (Full Flaps) 119 KIAS
VFE1Maximum Takeoff Flap Extended Speed (Takeoff Flaps) 129 KIAS
VNO Maximum Structural Cruising Speed 179 KIAS
VNE Never Exceed Speed 235 KIAS
VSO Stall Speed in the Landing Configuration 57 KIAS
VS1 Stall Speed (Takeoff Flaps) 65 KIAS
VSN Stall Speed (No Flaps) 71 KIAS

cruise data

Maximum Cruise Power (Density Altitude) 190 KTAS (219 mph)
Maximum Range - Best Performance 950 Nautical Miles*
Maximum Range - Best Economy 1320 Nautical Miles*

*Includes climb and 45 minute reserve Rev 020301

performance data

Takeoff Distance (Sea Level - Standard Temp.)  
Ground Run (No wind at 3400 lbs. gw) 700 ft.
Over 50 ft. Obstacle (No wind at 3400 lbs. gw) 1250 ft. (Total Distance)
Landing Distance (Sea Level - Standard Temp.)  
Ground Run (No wind at 3400 lbs. gw) 1550 ft.
Over 50 ft. Obstacle (no Wind at 3400 lbs. gw) 2350 ft. (Total Distance)
Max. Rate of Climb (Sea Level - Standard Temp. - Full gw) 1225 fpm
Max. Rate of Climb (Sea Level - Standard Temp. - 3000 lbs. gw) 1400 fpm
Service Ceiling (Certified) FL 180 (18,000 ft. MSL)