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C172 B
C172 C
C172 I Skyhawk
C172 K & L float plane
C172 K & L Skyhawk
C172 M float 1973
C172 M float 1974 to 1976
C172 M Skyhawk
C172 P II Skyhawk
C172 Q Cutlass
C172 RG II Cutlass
C172 A
C172, D, E, F, G, H
72N,P/Hawk 100 float
C172N/Hawk 100 1977
C172N/Hawk 100 to '80
C172 Skyhawk 2003
Skyhawk SP 2003
C175 C
C172R & 172S Skyhawk
C172 (1957) pilot report
Hawk XP pilot report