Evektor Harmony performance and specifications

Evektor Harmony

The Harmony is designed mainly for initial pilot training but also for recreational, cross-country, and sport flying with limitation to non-aerobatic operations. The airplane is certified according to JAR-VLA regulation.

Low operating costs, excellent flight features with precise handling and positive controls together with top quality and durable all metal construction predetermine the Harmony as an ideal initial pilot training airplane.

The Harmony is a two seat, single engine, all metal low wing monoplane with a fixed landing gear. The airplane is equipped with 100 hp Rotax 912 S-4 engine and fixed wooden 2 blade propeller V 230 E. Three equipment versions are available Basic, Effect and Excellent.

Wing span
8,10 m
Wing area
10,13 m2
5,98 m
2,34 m
1,04 m
Weight & Quantities
Empty weight
330 kg
Maximum take off weight
575 kg
Max weight of baggage
15 kg
Fuel tank capacity
67 l
Flight Performance
Never exceed airspeed (IAS)
270 km/h
Max level speed
240 km/h
Max. structural cruising speed
205 km/h
Stall speed
80 km/h
Max. climbing ratio
5 m/s
Service ceiling
5000 m
Take-off run
130 m
260 m
Landing distance
480 m
Landing run
240 m
Average fuel consumption
14 l/hr
720 km