Fournier RF-6B/RFB 180 Sportsman performance and specifications

Fournier RF-6B/RFB 180 Sportsman

Designed by Rene Fournier, the four-seat RS 180 Sportsman first flew in 1973, powered by a 125hp Lycoming engine. Early production aircraft were designated RF6-180 and had the tailplane positioned on the top of the fuselage; in early 1978 the designation was changed to RS-180 and the tailplane was repositioned mid way up the fin. The Fournier RF-6B a generally similar but smaller two-seat version, first flew in 1974. intended  primarily for aerobatics and training, it has a one-piece transparent canopy and is powered by a 100hp roll's-Royce Continental engine. Cruising speed of the RS-180 is about 145mph (235km/hr) and that of the RF-6B about 120mph (190km/hr). Load factors for the RF-6B are +9g and 4.5g. production was suspended in 1981. country of origin: France/west Germany.