General Avia F15F/F15E Picchio performance and specifications

The F15F four-seat light aircraft is a derivative of the Procaer F15E Picchoi.  First flight was in October 19977 and a pre-production batch was under construction during 1978.  The F15E Picchio is slightly shorter than the F15F and features a conventional enclosed cabin compared with the new aircraft's fully glazed sliding canopy.  The first F15 Picchoi flew in 1959 and successive models built since then have featured a number of detail design changes including the addition of wingtip fuel tanks.  Most important change was the switch to all-metal construction with the F15E, which first flew in 1968.  Cruising speed of the F15F is 174 mph (280km/hr).

F.15E Picchio

Powered by 300 hp Continental IO-520-F
Propeller Hartzell constant speed
Wing span 32' 6"
Length 24' 7"
Wing area 143 sq ft
Gross weight 3,000 lbs
Empty weight 1,856 lbs
Accommodation 4 seats
Maximum speed 205 mph
Maximum cruise speed 187 mph
Economy cruise speed 166 mph
Stall speed 67 mph
Maximum range 920 sm