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Ilyushin IL103 history, performance and specifications

The type was first launched in 1990 and received Russian certification in 1996. The conventional all metal low wing aircraft is designed to operate in rugged conditions. The aircraft has 4 seats.

Aircraft length

Aircraft height

Wing span

Wing area

Cabin length

Cabin width

Cabin height

Max. payload

Max. t/o & landing mass

8 m (26.32 ft.)

3.135 m (10.31 ft.)

10.56 m (34.74 ft.)

14.71 m2 (158sq.ft.)

2.65 m (8.72 ft.)

1.30 m (4.28 ft.)

1.27 m (4.18 ft.)

370 kg (815 lb.)

1285 kg (2830 lb.)

Max. level flight speed

Cruise speed

Flight range at cruise speed with 595 lb. payload

Max. speed

Take-off run

Landing roll

Rate of climb

Max. altitude

Baggage capacity

220 km/h (119 kts.)

180...200 km/h (97...108 ts.)

800 km (432 miles)

340 km/h (184 kts)

380 m (1250 ft.)

320 m (1052 ft.)

3.15 m/s (619.92 ft/min)

3000 m (9868 ft.)

60 kg (132 lb.)


Engine type - 200hp@2700rpm Teledyne Continental IO-360ES

Fuel Injection System; Tubular Steel Engine Mount; Dynafocal Rear Mount; 28V, 60A Alternator;

Alternator Control Unit; 24V, 25A/H Battery; Oil Cooler; Air Filter; Full Flow Oil Filter;

Electric Auxiliary Fuel Pump; Engine Driven Fuel Pump; Fuel Tanks 52.8 Gal. Capacity;

3 Fuel Quick Drains; Ground Service Plug Receptacle; Dual Ignition System; Shielded Magneto;

Engine Exhaust Muffler; Two-Blade Hartzell Constant Speed Metal Propeller; Propeller Spinner;

Electric Starter


Altimeter; Magnetic Compass; Attitude Gyro; True Airspeed Indicator; Vertical Speed

Indicator; KX-165 Nav/Com; KN-63 DME; Audio Panel/Marker Beacon; Transponder;

Avionics Cooling Fan; KLN 89 GPS-VFR; KR-87 ADF; KCS-55A Compass system;

Emergency Radio


Voltammeter; Annunciator Panel (Low Voltage; Maximum Speed; Angle of Attack Limit); Dual

Fuel Quantity Gages; Exhaust Gas Temperature; Cylinder Head Temperature; Oil Temperature;

Oil Pressure; Manifold Pressure; Tachometer


Hydraulic Toe-Operated Brakes; Parking Brake; Stainless Steel Control Cables; Control Stick;

Pre-select Flaps; Dual Flight Controls; Fuel Shutoff; Alternate Static Source;

Elevator Trim System