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Liberty XL-2 aircraft history, performance and specifications

The Liberty is the certified version of the British Europa homebuilt and is also the brainchild of Ivan Shaw. Unlike the Europa, the Liberty has a GRP fuselage and aluminium wings. Differential braking is unusually by hand controls so this aircraft would be very good for pilots with disabilities.

Liberty Aerospace designs, markets and supports General Aviation aircraft and is now the Type Certificate holder of the Liberty XL2. The Company has grown, since 1989, from the innovative roots of Europa, to launch a new and exciting, certified 2-seat aircraft known as the Liberty XL2. This advanced aircraft is based on a flight-proven design, critically acclaimed worldwide. The Liberty XL2 offers unparalleled performance for a light aircraft in its class. Liberty has designed an aircraft that will meet the specific requirements of clubs and flying schools while offering the private owner/operator a first class touring aircraft.

Wingspan 28ft
Wing area 112 sq ft
Length 20ff Gin
Height 7ff 4in
Empty Weight (VFR)1 0501b
Maximum takeoff weight1653 lb
Cabin width 48in
Aspect Ratio 7:1
Useful load 60316
Baggage capacity 10016

Engine/hp Continental IOF-240 four cylinder
with FADEC/125hp
Fuel capacity28 gallons

Max cruising speed132kt
Economy cruising 1 20kt
Stall speed with flaps45kt
Stall speed clean 52kt
VNE 180kt
Manoeuvring speed to2kt
Best ROC 11 1150 fpm
Takeoff roll 750ft
Landing roll 7506
Takeoff over 50ft obstacle 1250ft
Max no-wind range (VFR reserves) 500nm
Best angle of climb58kt
Best rate of climb 65 kt