Miles M 65 Gemini & M 75 Aries performance and specifications


Conceived as a twin-engine retractable landing gear version of the Messenger, the Miles M.65 Gemini flew first on 26th October 1945 and was an immediate success. It was the last Miles aircraft to enter quantity production and in its Gemini Mk 1A initial form was powered by 100 hp Blackburn Cirrus engines, and had non-retractable auxiliary trailing-edge flaps; one Gemini Mk lB was built with retractable flaps.

The single Gemini Mk 2 was created by installing 125 hp Continental engines, while production Gemini Mk 3A aircraft had 145 hp de Havilland Gipsy Major 10s. There were several sub-variants with detail differences, but the most powerful version with two 155 hp Blackburn Cirrus Major III engines, a strengthened structure and larger fins and rudders, was deemed sufficiently different to be designated M.75 Aries.

A total of 170 Geminis and two Aries was built, around two-thirds of them being exported, before the company collapsed in 1947, and the type could be considered as Miles' most popular post-war aeroplane.


Design Company:

Miles Aircraft Ltd

First Flight:

26 October 1945

M.65 Gemini 1:

1 - Miles Aircraft Ltd

M.65 Gemini 1A:

134 - Miles Aircraft Ltd
1 - Handley Page (Reading) Ltd

M.65 Gemini 1B:

1 - Miles Aircraft Ltd

M.65 Gemini 2A:

2 - Miles Aircraft Ltd

M.65 Gemini 3:

1 - Miles Aircraft Ltd
1 - Handley Page (Reading) Ltd
1 - F.G. Miles Ltd

M.65 Gemini 3A:

2 - Miles Aircraft Ltd
5 - Wolverhampton Aviation Ltd

M.65 Gemini 3C:

2 - Miles Aircraft Ltd

M.65 Gemini 4:

1 - Miles Aircraft Ltd

Type Specification

Applies to:

Miles M.65 Gemini 1A


Twin engine private aircraft to company specification


Low wing cantilever monoplane of spruce structure covered in plywood. Flaps fitted as standard


Fuselage of spruce structure with plywood covering

Tail Unit:

Cantilever tailplane with elevator at top of fuselage with two fins and rudders. Fins are on ends of tailplane

Landing Gear:

Retractable main gear retract rearwards into engine nacelles. Tail wheel

Power Plant:

Two 100 hp Blackburn Cirrus Minor II engine in nacelles on wing


Seating for up to four in enclosed cabin above the wing



36 ft 2 in


22 ft 2 in


7 ft 6 in

Wing Area:

191 sq ft



1,930 lb


3,000 lb


Max Speed:

146 mph

Rate of Climb:

606 ft/min

Service Ceiling:

11,300 ft


990 miles