Rearwin Ken Royce Aircraft history performance and specifications

The Ken-Royce was named after Rae Rearwin's two sons and was a play on words meant to connote quality workmanship such as that of the Rolls-Royce company. The first aircraft type certificate was granted in 1929 and the plane was first shown at the Chicago Air Show in December of that year.

The Ken-Royce model 2000-C was built around the 170 hp Curtiss Challenger engine. Only 3 were known to be built (serial numbers 101-103).

The Ken-Royce model 2000-CO followed in 1930 and included a 165 hp Continental A-70 powerplant. The A-70 was lighter, and gave the 2000-CO similarly good performance characteristics at equal or greater weight. Only 2 were built (serial numbers 104 and 105).

Rearwin Ken-Royce 


Aircraft Type Certificate

 25 ft.

 25 ft.

 9 ft. 11 in.

 9 ft. 11 in.

 35 ft.

 35 ft.
Wing Area 

 300 sq. ft.

 300 sq. ft.
Fuselage: Welded chrome molybdenum and carbon steel tubing.
Wings: Spars of laminated spruce, not routed; ribs of spruce capstrips and basswood webs; solid web drag ribs with compression member of spruce at top and bottom capstrip; leading edge of spruce covered with birch plywood; trailing edge of formed sheet duralumin; wing tips of curved steel tubing; wing fitting cadmium plated; wings fabric covered.
Tail surfaces: Welded steel channels and tubes.
Landing gears: Bendix wheels and brakes with Rearwin Special air-oil shock absorbers. Tail skid or wheel optional.
Ailerons: Friese type on upper wing only.
Fin: Welded direct to fuselage.
Stabilizer: Adjustable from pilots cockpit.
Controls: All controls masts are internal. The elevators are operated by push-pull tubes; the rudder by flexible cables; the ailerons by torque tubes and flexible cables. No pulleys are used. Dual controls can be installed if desired.
Power Plant
Engine MFG
Curtiss Challenger
Continental A-70
6 cylinder, air-cooled, radial
7 cylinder
170 hp. 1800 RPM
Fuel Data
Gasoline capacity (upper wing)
20 gal
Gasoline capacity (fuselage)
30 gal
Oil capacity
5 gal
Instruments: Pioneer. Tail skid or wheel optional. Rearwin special air-oil shock absorbers. Navigation lights built into the tips of the upper wings. Starter optional.
Weight empty
1415 lbs
Useful load
885 lbs
374 lbs
Gross weight loaded
2300 lbs
High speed (full load)
130 mph
High speed (pilot alone)
135 mph
Cruising speed (full load)
107 mph
Landing speed (full load)
45 mph
Cruising range (full load)
550 miles
Climb at sea level (full load)
1,000 feet/min
Climb to 10,000 feet (full load)
17 min 15 sec
Take off time (pilot alone)
5 1/5 sec
Take off time (full load)
8 2/5 sec
Absolute ceiling (full load)
24,000 feet
Price at factory