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Seawind 300C aircraft history, performance and specifications

The Seawind 300C is the certified version of the certified version of the successful kitplane.

Seawind 300C Standard Features and Equipment
The following is the standard equipment for the standard VFR Seawind 300C.
The Certified Airframe is equipped with:
Continental 310 HP fuel injected IO-550-N engine

Hartzell Scimitar extended hub 3 blade, 76 inch diameter constant speed propeller.
High lift slotted flaps and flaperons
Trailing link landing gear
Salt-water package consisting of hard coat anodized aluminium parts. Chrome brakes shall have grease seals and anodized rims.
Two forward and two aft flotation compartments
Three footstep boarding steps will be provided.
A solid white silicone rubber nose bumper with removable mooring and down pins.
The exterior finish and standard detailing features Dupont Imron polyurethane paint.

The cabin shall be finished with:

Executive 4 seat arrangement. The forward bucket seats have a mechanically adjustable tilt and full cabin forward and aft movement. They move forward for easy access to the rear seats. The rear seats hinge forward for easy access to the cabin baggage area.
A 5-seat family option is available with 3 children sitting in a cargo-type rear seat. The rear seats are removable for easy access to the aft luggage area.
Overhead fresh air ventilation system for fresh air cooling
Cabin heat and defroster system that can be controlled to provide unheated cooling air as well.
Seat bottom cushions are Temper Foam.
The four and five-seat configurations all have four point seat belts with inertia shoulder strap retractors.
The upholstery is a water and stain-resistant fabric for comfort.
The carpet is nylon carpet designed to resist stains and water and meet FAR 25. The carpets are quickly removable for swimming or fishing.

The cabin luggage area has retractable retractable cargo straps.

The control console is equipped with dual flight controls and pilot side brakes. The instrument panel has ample space for any avionics configuration.

The standard panel is equipped with:
The six primary instruments
Custom design position and warning lights
Three axis electric trim
Landing gear position reminder
Engine and fuel quantity monitoring, featuring the J.P.I. EDM 900 state of the art monitor. It displays RPM, manifold pressure, 6 cylinder EGT/CHT fuel quantity left and right, fuel flow, oil temperature, oil pressure, outside air temperature, volts and amps.
Back-up hydraulic hand pump for raising or lowering the landing gear without electric power.

There are three avionics packages available. The basic VFR system is comprised of a Garmin audio with intercom, GPS/COM and mode C transponder, built-in electronic location transmitting beacon-ELT. All antennas are built-in. See "Options" for other avionics and autopilot packages.

The basic aircraft is equipped with all lighting required for night and instrument flight including:
Dual landing lights
Whelan nav/stobe lights
Cabin dome, map and panel lights

Special Equipment: Each Seawind 300C is equipped with the following special equipment:
Condition warning system which monitors:
i. Power plant overheat or fire sensor
ii. Fuel or flammable vapour detector
iii. Water in bilge sensor
Automatic bilge pump with manual bypass
Seawind 300C Optional Equipment
The following options will be available at additional cost:
FADEC, Fully Automated Digital Engine Control, is available with the Continental IO-550N engine.
Airframe optional exterior paint detailing in your choice of select colours.
Hydraulic assist nose wheel steering. This independent system will steer the Seawind by the push of a switch or manually by differential braking or both.
Inboard/outboard water motor. This special design gas fired water-cooled motor is mounted in the nose compartment and is lowered through the hull bottom. It will move the Seawind forward, aft, or to the side at speeds up to 4 to 6 knots with the big Lycoming engine shut down.

Seawind 300C Optional Avionics
The Seawind is available with a variety of avionics. Although the Garmin system is featured, other equipment such as SAGEM or King will be available.

The VFR package includes a Garmin audio intercom, GPS/Com and Mode C transponder

Advanced IFR Avionics Package

The airframe will include built-in certified lightning protection (optional).

The full Garmin IFR radio stack with audio intercom, full colour MX20 MOVING MAP, GPS/COM, Nav/Com with glide slope and mode C transponder installed.

S-Tec autopilot with yaw damper, altitude hold and tracking is available (optional).

Glass Cockpit

The Seawind 300C is slated for a state of the art glass cockpit that will feature the G1000 from Garmin and/or the SAGEM, full colour moving map systems and EFIS/AHARS.

Cabin Dimensions

     Cabin Length

     Cabin Width
     Front 52"
     Rear 54"
     Cabin Baggage 16 x 48" wide, 24 high, 10 cu ft
Aft Baggage  
     Opening 19 x 40
     Length 71"
     Volume 30 cu ft
Nose Deck Forward Storage 5 cu ft
Wing Span 35 ft
Height 10 ft 2 in
Overall length 27 ft 2 in
Ground Clearance 8.0 in
Power 300HP
Engine - NEW Continental IO-550-N (310 hp)
Propeller Constant Speed Hartzell
  3 blade 76 Scimitar
Wing Area 171 sq. ft.
Wing Loading 19.88 lbs/sq ft
Power Loading 11.33 lbs/hp
Maximum Gross Weight 3400 lbs
      Standard Empty Weight 2250 lbs
      Equipped Empty Weight 2300 2350 lbs
      Useful Standard 1150 lbs
      Useful Equipped 1000 1150 lbs
Fuel Capacity Mains 74 US gals
      Long Range Aux Tanks 36 US gals
Performance MPH Knots
Sea Level Speed 100% Power 200 174
Cruise 75% Power (8,000 ft) 190 165
Cruise 65% Power (8,000 ft) 180 156
Cruise 55% Power (8,000 ft) 169 147
Fuel Burn at 55% Power 12.8 gph  
Max. Range (no reserve main) 980 850
     with Extended Fuel Range 1460 1270
Rate of Climb 1250 fpm  
B/Rate of Climb Speed 99 86
B/Angle of Climb Speed 74 65
Stall Speed    
Clean 72 63
Flaps & Wheels 59 52
  Land Water
Take off Distance
     3200 lbs 870 ft 1100 ft
     3400 lbs 1175 ft 1400 ft
     Over 50 Obstacle 1175 ft 1400 ft
Landing Distance 770 ft 620 ft
     Over 50 Obstacle 1300 ft 1150 ft
Service Ceiling 20,000 ft
Performance Figures for the 300HP engine are the result of actual test data. All performance figures are for a sea level standard day and gross weight of 3400 lbs., unless otherwise stated. Specifications are subject to change without notice.  New performance specifications will be updated after certification testing.