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METAR EGBE 220850Z Aerodrome actual weather (SPECI = civil, selected special); from (Coventry); at (on 22nd at 0850 Zulu).

08012G25KT Wind 080 degrees, 12 knots, max 25 knots. Other codes. Max wind only shown if 10 kt above average. VRB = variable. 0000 kt = calm. 280V350 = Variation in clockwise direction, but only if mean speed > 3 kt.

2000 Minimum visibility 2,000 metres. Other codes: 0000 = less than 50 m.. 9999 = 10 km or more. N, NE etc. = direction of minimum visibility. If something like 7000S also appears, it is the maximum visibility, with direction, shown when min vis is <1,500 and max is >5,000.

R23/1300 RVR (runway visual range) 1,300 m. Other codes: 1300U = increasing, D = decreasing, N = no change. P1500 = more than 1500, M0050 = less than 50 m. Significant variations: e.g. 800V1200.

-SHBR Light (-) showers, mist. Other codes: + = heavy (well-developed if FC or PO): - = light; neither + nor - = moderate. Up to three of these group may appear. BC=patches. BR=mist. BL=blowing. DR=drifting. DS=dust storm. DU=dust. DZ=drizzle. FC=funnel cloud. FG=fog. FU=smoke. FZ=freezing. GR/GS=hail. HZ=haze. IC=ice crystals. MI=shallow. PE=ice pellets. PO=dust/sand storms. PR=banks. RA=rain. RE=recent. SA=sand. SG=snow grains. SH=showers. SN=snow. SS=sandstorm. SQ=squalls. TS=thunderstorms. VA=volcanic ash. VC=vicinity.

SCT004 OVC006 Scattered at 400 feet, overcast at 600 feet (sorry - just chose a bad day). Codes in full: FEW=few (1-2 oktas). SCT=scattered (3-4 oktas). BKN=broken (5-7 oktas). OVC=overcast (8 oktas). SKC=sky clear. W...=sky obscured (figures will show vertical vis in 100s of feet). Only these cloud types reported: CB-cumulonimbus, TCU=towering cumulus.

CAVOK 'Cav-OK!' not less than 10 km, no CB, no cloud below 5,000 ft or highest MSA, no sig weather for aviation.

11/05 Temperature/dewpoint. In degrees Celsius. Temp only appear as e.g 12///.

Q1013 QNH is 1013.'Q' indicates millibars. 'A' would indicate inches & hundredths.

REFU Recent weather: recent smoke.

WS RWY23 Wind shear: Runway 23.Not being reported at present in the UK.

BECMG... TEMPO... Trend... Other codes: AT=at. BECMG=becoming. FM=from. NOSIG=no significant change. NSC=no significant cloud. NSW=no significant weather. TEMPO=temporarily. TL=until.