Berkut’s cockpit visibility and comfort are unmatched by any of today’s canard pusher aircraft or its tractor configured side-by-side competitors. Two large canopies arch high above you and your passenger, furnishing you with spacious seating and an excellent view. Ride quality is enhanced by a wider cabin and longer fuselage–the biggest in its class. Interior noise levels (and resulting pilot fatigue) are dramatically lowered with moulded and sealed canopies.

Power is provided by a 180-to-300 horsepower, parallel valve, Lycoming IO-360 or IO-540, enhanced by Klaus Savier’s electronic ignition and specially designed fixed pitch propeller.

Berkut combines state of the art, moulded composite design with the efficient, agile and predictable handling qualities of the classic Rutan canard pusher. With a 2000 nautical mile range at altitude, Berkut Engineering has created a personally crafted airplane without peer, for the pilot who does not wish to compromise. The 300-mph Berkut consists of over 100 moulded components with a fit and finish unprecedented in the industry.

Four models of Berkut are available: Berkut 360 and 540 with retractable gear and the Berkut FG 360 and Berkut FG 540, a fixed-gear variant of the original Berkut.


Berkut Specs

360 540
7’6” parked 7’6” parked
Wingspan 26’8” 26’8”
Wing Area 110 sq ft 110 sq ft
Wing Loading 18.1 lbs/sq ft 18.1 lbs/sq ft
Flaps none none
Glide Ratio (L:D) 18:1 18:1
Service Ceiling 25,000 ft 25,000 ft
Empty Weight 1110 lbs 1220 lbs
Gross Weight 2000 2200 lbs
Fuel Capacity (std tanks) 58 US gallons 58 US gallons
Fuel Capacity (aux tanks) 74 US gallons 74 US gallons
Useful Load 890 lbs 980 lbs
Net Payload * with full std fuel 542 lbs 632 lbs
Net Payload * with full aux fuel 446lbs 536 lbs
* Net Payload is Useful load minus fuel weight

Performance Specifications

Vne (never exceed) 304 knots 304 knots
Va (maneuvering) 200 knots 200 knots
Vle (landing gear extension) 250 knots 250 knots
Minimum Controllable Airspeed 59 knots 59 knots
Demonstrated Crosswind Component 25 knots 25 knots
Minimum Landing/Takeoff Runway 2000 feet 2000 feet
Rate of Climb 2000 fpm 3000 fpm