Rans S-7 Courier

The design of the S-7 originated out of the need to train Coyote I pilots; so the cockpit was set up the same with throttle left, stick in the middle. 

Built with keeping-it-simple in mind the original plane weighed in at only 390 pounds with a 503 Rotax. It flew very well for the low horsepower, but soon was fitted to the 65 HP 532.

Over the years the basic plane stayed true to form, a light, simple plane, with traditional construction, minus the traditional headaches. However, in 2001 the S-7C, a much-refined version, was certified under the primary category. This plane represents 7 years of process to obtain the Type Certificate, and still has the performance and lines of the original 1985 S-7. In 2003 Rans introduced the S-7S, the kit form of the "C", and enjoy strong sales of this very much-refined fun flyer. The S-7S also complies with the new Sport Plane Rule.

Because the S-7S complies with the standards for sport planes Rans will be able to offer this plane in ready to fly form.


wing span
wing area
empty weight
useful load
gross weight
fuel capacity
Rotax 912/912S 80 hp/100 hp
68 in to 72 in Wood
22 ft 10 in
6 ft 3 in
29 ft 3 in
147.1 sq ft
675 lbs
525 lbs
1200 lbs
18 gal US
451 miles/386 miles


takeoff distance, ground roll
rate of climb
max speed
cruise speed
landing distance, ground roll
service ceiling
235 ft/225 ft.
800 fpm/1100 fpm
110 mph/118 mph
300 ft
14,000 ft/14,500 ft

limiting and recommended speeds

design manoeuvring speed (Va)
never exceed speed (Vne)
stall, power off (Vsl)
landing approach speed
130 mph
46 mph Stall Clean   41 mph Stall Flaps

All specifications are based on manufacturer's calculations