Kitfox Series 6

SkyStar’s new management team introduced the Kitfox Series 6 in 2000 as the latest refinement of the Kitfox line of aircraft.  The multiple versions of the Series 5 Kitfox were all rolled into a single airplane that possessed the most versatile features of all the Kitfoxs.  The Kitfox Series 6 has a useful load of up to 800 pounds and a range of over 700 miles, coupled with cruising speeds of over 120 mph.  The factory’s Series 6 actually averaged 137 mph in the Sun ‘n Fun 100 Air Race in 2001, and that was with two folks on board, a bunch of cameras and crew meals! 

The Series 6 could be configured as either a tri-gear or tailwheel airplane, and can be converted to either version after assembly is completed.  Assembly times were significantly reduced, and the Series 6 accommodates more engine types than any other Kitfox.  The look, feel and flight characteristics of the Kitfox Series 6 are like those of the most sophisticated, certified airplane, but none of the Kitfox adventure has been sacrificed. 

All of the good flying qualities inherent to the Kitfox Series 5 are present in the Kitfox Series 6.  The Series 6 has a heavy-duty landing gear system that improves soft and rough field ground handling.  The Series 6 no longer used the bungee/tube landing gear that was standard on the Series 5, resulting in a more easily controlled airplane during rollout after a tailwheel landing.  Like all Kitfoxs, the Series 6 retains the ability to perform awesome forward slips and is an ideal airplane for short field operations.  The Kitfox Series 6 has a refined flap system that allows the selection of two optimum flap positions.  The first notch is used for takeoff and approach. while the second notch is generally reserved for landing.  The tri-gear version of the Series 6 is very well balanced, and smooth takeoff and landing rotations are effortless. 

Gross weight   1550 lbs.
Average cruise speed   110 mph
Stall speed   46 mph
Average empty weight   800 lbs.
Average useful load   750 lbs.
Max speed (Vne)   140 mph
Cabin width     42.5 in.
Wing span   32 ft.
Length (wings folded)    22 ft.
Width (wings folded)   8 ft.
Height   97 in.