Pelican Sport 600 Ultravia

The Ultravia Pelican Sport 600 was designed according to the TP10141 Canadian design standard and the Pelican Sport fast-build kit  is approved in Canada and the USA for construction in the amateur-built category. Follow the 25 week-end plan and you will enjoy a speedy and worry free building experience that ensures your success and leaves you with a quality aircraft. STOL performance, solid feel, nice cruise speed and great versatility make the Pelican Sport 600 a superior aircraft in its class.

Technical characteristics 

General                        The Pelican Sport 600 is a two place single-engine, high wing airplane of conventional configuration consisting of a composite fuselage and metal wings. It is equipped with a fixed tricycle landing gear. 

Engine                          The engine is a Bombardier-Rotax, Type 912 S, 4 cylinder, 4 stroke featuring opposed cylinders, dual electronic ignition, dry sump with oil pump, liquid cooled heads, and an integrated gearbox with torsional dampener. It is equipped with a 12V/250 Watt generator, two Bing 32 mm carburetors, a 0,6 KW electric starter and a mechanical fuel pump. The Rotax 912 S develops 98 HP at 5800 RPM at take-off and 92 HP at 5500 RPM for continuous operation.    

Propeller                     Three-bladed, 68 inches,  ground adjustable 

Fuselage                       Vacuum molded composite structure consisting of a S-glass- vinylester resin laminate with rigid PVC foam core. 

Wings and tail              The all-metal wing is a single-strut, single spar construction, covered with aluminum skins. The horizontal empennage features a cantilever stabilizer structure covered with aluminum with fiberglass tips. The rudder, ailerons, flaps and elevator are skinned with aluminum. 

Controls                      The airplane features a dual control stick system, dual rudder pedal system and differential braking system.  Ailerons are deflected through a bellcrank/push-rod mechanism mounted on ball bearings.  Flaps are operated by a torque tube connected to a mechanical lever in the console. Ailerons deflect 10 with full flaps (45) . Rudder and elevators are cable operated.  The elevator trim tab is mechanically operated and combined as an anti-servo tab .  Fixed trims are used for the rudder and the ailerons. 

Landing gear                 The main landing gear legs are made of heat-treated 4130 spring steel tubing.  The system consists of a right and a left leg, connected by a center tube.  The legs are supported by aluminum blocks bolted inside an aluminum box. The nosegear leg is made of 4130 tubing with an aluminum fork.  Suspension is provided by a bungee chord. The nosewheel is steerable via push-rods connected to the pedals and it locks in flight. 

Wheels & Brakes          The main wheels are 5 inch Cleveland with disk brakes and 500*5  tires. The nose wheel is a 6 inch Azusa with a 13 x 600 tire. 

Fuel system                  Fuel is stored in two 12.0 USG composite tanks located in the wings and fed to the engine via a 0.2 USG aluminum header tank located behind the seat back. All three tanks are inter-vented and each wing tank is vented to the outside.                                   

Flaps                            Mechanically operated by a Johnson bar - type lever located in the console.  They offer 5 positions from 0 to 45.   

Trim                            One elevator trim mechanically operated by a lever on the console. 

Cockpit                         Two seats, side by side, foam seat cushions, dual sticks, dual pedals, center console, Lexan windshield and baggage compartment windows. The baggage compartment behind the seats has a  capacity of 50 lbs. 

Seat belts                    Three-point seat belt - shoulder harness system for both seats. 

Engine:                        Rotax 912 S-UL

Propeller:                     Three-bladed, Warp Drive ground adjustable propeller       


Optional equipment:       Flight and engine instrument
Upholstery and carpet             
 Cabin heat and ventilation system
 Nav/Strobe lights
 Wheel pants

wing span
wing area
empty weight
useful load
gross weight
fuel capacity
Rotax 912S 98 HP
19 ft 11 in
8 ft 6 in
32 ft 0 in
117,3 sq ft
1232 lbs

1320 lbs
x700 s.m.


takeoff distance, ground roll
rate of climb
max speed
cruise speed
landing distance, ground roll
service ceiling
300-400 ft
1350 fpm
115 kts
16,000 ft

limiting and recommended speeds

design manoeuvring speed (Va)
never exceed speed (Vne)
stall, power off (Vsl)
landing approach speed
135 kts
45 kts

All specifications are based on manufacturer's calculations