RotorWay Exec 162F

Combining a technological breakthrough in powerplant design with refinements to a highly successful, award winning airframe, the new Exec 162F has elevated a tradition into a revolution in helicopter performance.

The Exec 162F's powerplant is the most advanced in the industry, utilizing the very latest, fully automated, digital electronic control system known as "FADEC". Designed to incorporate high performance with maximum reliability, maintenance on the Exec is kept to a minimum. Fuel consumption is only 8 gallons per hour and Avgas is not necessary, the Exec 162F works perfectly with 92 Octane. Long lifetime components with replacement costs typical of those found in the amateur built category are reflected in the Exec162F's incredibly low operating costs. Costs are a fraction those of the nearest production craft.

The Exec 162F utilizes an asymmetrical airfoil for improved autorotation characteristics and safety. An elastomeric rotor hub eliminates a lot of moving parts, bringing considerable simplicity to the rotor system.

Length, overall 
28 ft 8 in
Height to top of rotor 8 ft
Main rotor diameter 25 ft
Tail rotor diameter  4ft2 1/4in

Weights and loadings
Mtow  1,500 lb
Empty weight  975 lb
Useful load  525 lb
Usable fuel  17 usg
Seats, side-by-side 2

Vne and max level
100 kt
Normal cruise  82 kt
Best rate of s/I climb  1,000 fpm
Service ceiling  10,000 ft
HIGE  7,000 ft
HOGE 5,000 ft
Range, no reserve  180 nm
Endurance  2 hr

Engine: RotorWay R1 162F (150 hp) liquid-
cooled, with FADEC. Engine TBO: 1,500 hr.
Fuel type: premium unleaded.