Velocity XL / SE

The Velocity is a true high performance airplane with the ability to make 1000 mile cross country trips at speeds in excess of 200 MPH while carrying four adults and baggage in total comfort. With the rear mounted engine, the noise, propeller turbulence, engine heat and fumes are behind you, providing an atmosphere comparable to a modern sports sedan. An adequate supply of cool fresh air is available through forward inlets; this air can also be heated by the forward mounted oil cooler. It is supplied as a fixed or retractable gear aircraft.

Using modern day airfoil technology, clean cabin lines, and non-complex systems, the Velocity exceeds all other aircraft in its class in efficiency, performance, and simplicity. The Velocity performs best at altitudes of 7000 to 12000 feet probably the best environment for comfort and efficiency of operation. Piloting chores can be shared by both pilots, and the Velocity's incredible stability and spacious instrument panel make it an excellent IFR platform. With extremely crisp controls and excellent aerodynamic stability, the Velocity has been described as if it was mounted on rails, allowing you to fly long distances with a minimal pilot load, yet it will dogfight with the best of the two seat sport planes. Once on the ground, the Velocity is as sure-footed as a cat, with its full-castoring nosewheel, 100" wheelbase, 80" track, and oversize wheels and brakes.

  • Easy to build time-saving pre-cut foam cores, pre-moulded fairings, finest quality aviation materials.

  • Fast-build wing and fast-build fuselage options available that can drop build time to as little as 800 hours.

  • Can be built in a 2-car garage; maximum width of fuselage without wings is 12 feet.

  • Kit comes with a comprehensive set of construction videos and manual; no need for special tools.

  • Affordable to build - ranging from $45,000 for the SE with a mid-time engine, 2-blade wooden prop and VFR instrumentation to $125,000+ for an XL RG with all the fast build options, factory new engine, M-T 3-bladed constant speed prop, IFR instrumentation, etc. etc.

  • Economical to own, maintain and fly.

  • Long range cross country capability with spacious, quiet four-person cabin and adequate baggage capacity.

  • Aerodynamically advanced design with true 200+ mph cruise speeds.

  • Incredible pitch and roll stability, solid feel on the controls...flies as a "two-finger" airplane.

  • Experimental classification allows the builder/owner to perform his or her own maintenance.

  • "Builders' Line" telephone access to factory support for those all-
    important construction questions.

  Velocity XL Velocity SE
wing span
wing area
empty weight
useful load
gross weight
fuel capacity
7' 9"
145 Sq Ft
1700 lbs
1100 lbs
2800 lbs
70 gals.
7' 9"
29' 4"
121.8 Sq Ft
1300 lbs
1000 lbs
2300 lbs
60 gals.

Velocity XL

Engine Cont IO-550 310HP Lyc IO-540 260HP
Takeoff Distance 1300 ft 1300 ft 1400 ft 1400 ft
Rate of Climb (@ sea level) 1500 fpm 1300 fpm 1350 fpm 1200 fpm
Landing Distance 1500 ft 1500 ft 1500 ft 1500 ft
Cruise Speed @ 75% Pwr 205 ktas 185 ktas 190 ktas 175 ktas
Vne 200 kias 200 kias 200 kias 200 kias
Ceiling 20,000 ft + 20,000 ft + 20,000 ft + 20,000 ft +
Range at 65% Power 1000 mn 816 nm 950 nm 875 nm
Minimum Speed 65 kts 65 kts 65 kts 65 kts
Landing Speed 75 kts 75 kts 75 kts 75 kts

Velocity SE Performance

Engine Lyc IO-360 200HP Lyc IO-320 160HP
Takeoff Distance 1400 ft 1400 ft 1600 ft 1600 ft
Rate of Climb (@ sea level) 1200 fpm 1000 fpm 1000 fpm 900 fpm
Landing Distance 1500 ft 1500 ft 1500 ft 1500 ft
Cruise Speed @ 75% Pwr 187 ktas 172 ktas 175 ktas 160 ktas
Vne 200 kias 200 kias 200 kias 200 kias
Ceiling 20,000 ft 18,000 ft 18,000 ft 16,000 ft
Range at 65% Power 1000 nm 930 nm 1240 nm 1160 nm
Minimum Speed 60 kts 60 kts 60 kts 60 kts
Landing Speed 70 kts 70 kts 70 kts 70 kts