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Experimental Aviation of Switzerland

EAS is associated with the Swiss Aero Club based in Lucerne and has currently 550 active members. Their common goal is to build experimental aircraft. At the moment the official count has 220 projects in various stages of completion of which 120 experimental aircraft are currently flying in Switzerland. Often those aircraft are faster, fly longer or further than commercially built aircraft. In the past year a member of EAS has circumnavigated the world twice with his experimental Long-Ez aircraft and has established over 160 world records.

In Switzerland EAS is basically open for everybody. The association is there to help during and after the construction of an experimental aircraft and EAS is the direct link between the builder and the authorities. Today it is possible to build a relatively simple aircraft or a helicopter in just a few hundred hours with relatively little money in a two car garage. Of course upwards there are almost no limits.

The members of EAS meet annually for their fly in.