Recreational Aircraft Association

The Recreational Aircraft Association represents a group of Canadian aviation enthusiasts, working together to promote recreational aviation and to advance the science of amateur built aircraft.

The RAA serves its members in many ways. Whether you’re interested in building your own aircraft, restoring a classic, or simply flying for the pure pleasure of it, the RAA is there to help. At the government level we represent our members interests when regulatory changes are proposed, continuously trying to keep regulation to a minimum and by promoting all types of recreational flying, particularly at the "grass roots" level. In September, 2001, the freedom to fly met its most significant challenge in decades, and we will strive to preserve that freedom whenever it is challenged. One of our major objectives is to provide the information and skills training you need to successfully build and fly your own aircraft. Our bi-monthly magazine, the Recreational Flyer, publishes regular technical articles designed to assist you in building your aircraft, along with regular reports on what our members across Canada are doing, and many other articles of general interest.

The heart of the RAA is the 50 Chapters across Canada. The members of these chapters can provide invaluable assistance and information should you decide to build an airplane. Even if you’re not building an airplane you can enjoy the company and social camaraderie of other aviation minded individuals. Most chapters meet once a month in the winter, and more often in the warmer months when there are numerous fly-ins and social functions. Look to the Links section of our web site, or the back page of the Recreational Flyer to find the nearest Chapter and contact them; they will welcome you.

RAA is a completely volunteer organization. The benefit our members receive is directly proportional to our collective contribution, so we invite you to join, and participate in the RAA as much as your schedule allows. The more you become involved, the more you’ll enjoy your membership.

Read through our web pages to see some examples of what we do. In the Links section you’ll find links to the web sites of many of our chapters across Canada. Should you have any questions or comments please contact us; we want to hear from you. For membership information please call our toll free office phone: 1-800-387-1028.