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The French homebuilder, vintage & warbirds restorers, recreational & sport flying association.

From homebuilding ...

The thousands of members of the Réseau du Sport de l' Air build, restore and put in the air a wide variety of unusual aircraft. Starting from a small bundle of plans, a kit or a "basket case", the same passion will drive them towards an adventure open to all: FLYING his or her own machine.

From building a 20 HP single-seater to a 200 HP super cruiser, from balloons to gliders, from microlights to autogyros, or from restoring an "antique" to a powerful warbird: ANYTHING GOES !

With more than 100 new aircrafts built every year, homebuilders take a share in the renewal of the French light aircraft fleet, while the collectors devote themselves to the protection of French and world aeronautical heritage.

Every year, a score of Fly-Ins or Air displays all over France make it possible for everyone to enjoy the meeting of machines and men, to exchange ideas, parts and know-how.

The annual RSA FLY-IN is the main focus of homebuilders around Europe with more than 1000 aircraft on site presented over the 3 day-weekend.

Since 2001, the R.S.A ANNUAL EUROPEAN FLY-IN has been held on the superb former CHAMBLEY NATO Air Force Base, south-west of METZ, in the east of France.

LFEE is situated N 049.01.20 - E 005.53.20 with a 2900 meters concrete runway and a parallel smaller grass runway.

The RSA is a very friendly organisation with active groups scattered around France. The annual fly-in is worth a visit, although it is of a much smaller scale than those in the USA and UK. From 2004, the fly-in is in conjunction with the German association, so it should become much more important.