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EAA Chapter 222 was founded 1964 as the first EAA Chapter outside USA/Canada. The founders were all active in flying and homebuilding one way or another. A few of them are still around and active homebuilders in Sweden and Europe. Anders Ljungberg, internationally well-known among homebuilders is the President of Chapter 222.
EAA Chapter 222 has some 1800 members throughout Sweden and with that being the largest Chapter  world-wide. Of our members about 300 fly their own home-builts, most of them built by themselves as there is a limited market for homebuilts in Sweden and Scandinavia. In 2001 there were about 335 ongoing projects of various types with the Jodels, RVs and -Ezes being the most common.

Sweden has tough VFR-weather from end of October till mid April why the fly-in season is April -September. Usually there is afly-in two or three weekends every month during that period with the Chapter Main fly-in the first weekend of June annually.

Chapter Main Office is situated at Barkarby Airfield outside Stockholm. The Chapter has two persons
employed fulltime for handling all the technicalities with inspections, approvals and also administration of ongoing projects  and flying homebuilts. From Jan 1st 1999 EAA Chapter 222 has the full handling of home-builts in Sweden - issuing Permits to Fly and inspections.