Translation of RT message

Neuhof de F-GCAV bonjour.

DR400 en provenance de St Yan à destination de vos installations,actuellement au point Echo à 2000ft QFE. Je me reporte travers Est du terrain à 1500ft QFE avant intégration en vent arrière pour la 36.

Neuhof Froxtrot Golf Charlie Alpha Victor

Dr400 from St Yan to land at your airfield, position Echo altitude 2000ft on QFE. Will report crossing the airfield from the East at 1500ft before joining downwind for runway 36

A few remarks :
Actually, instead of "Foxtrot", The abbreviation "Fox" is used.  Similarly,  the Q of QFE is dropped and  "Fox Echo" instead of "Quebec Foxtrot Echo" is used. The same applied to QNH...this is referred to a "Novembre Hotel".