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Pilotfriend Google rankings

All sites within the Pilotfriend group rank as 5. These are:

Century of Flight
Air racing history
Sport Pilot
Start flying
Pilotfriend aviation links

These are examples of the prominence of the Pilotfriend websites on the internet.

on 12 May 2006

search term URL ranks out of
pilot resources Pilotfriend no. 1 92.9 million
  Sport Pilot no. 6  
aviation resources Pilotfriend no. 2 60.5 million
aviation database Pilotfriend no.10 18.6 million
aviation portal Pilotfriend aviation links no. 3 28.7 million
world airfields Pilotfriend aviation links no. 1 1.3 million
  Pilotfriend no. 3  
aviation weather Pilotfriend no. 4 51.2 million
aviation humour Pilotfriend no.14 1.85 million
aviation history Century of Flight no.10 53.9 million
century of flight Century of Flight no. 4 43.8 million
start flying Start Flying no. 1 52.8 million
flight ground school Pilotfriend no. 5 26.8 million
air racing Air racing history no. 5 38.9 million