Ansaldo Balilla

The Ansaldo "Balilla" (Hunter) was amongst the fastest aircraft designed during the First World War, capable of achieving speeds of nearly 140 mph. In addition to its great speed, the type was noted for its exceptional rate of climb. The pilot was also allowed an excellent field of view due to the "V" shaped design of the plywood fuselage.

Despite being nearly 30 mph faster than any other fighter of the time, the aircraft was not well received by top Italian front line pilots who were invited to test fly and evaluate its performance. It was said to lack manoeuvrability, and because of this, was never considered suitable for service at the front. It was produced in limited quantities and was used primarily as a home defence fighter.

Country: Italy
Year: 1917
Engine: SPA
Horsepower: 220hp
Quantity Mfg: 150
Wingspan: 26'-1"
Length: 22'-5"
Top Speed: 135.5mph
Gross Weight: 2367 lb
Ceiling: 26,000'